Friday, December 7, 2012

Cohen and The Bear...Cobear was the celebration day for two things:
*I got my FIRST little toothy 
*I gave my BYU Helmet to my new buddy, Cobear Cubby!
We were on our way to the 
Build-A-Bear Workshop
when all of the sudden, 
daddy decided to stick his finger in my mouth.
How rude, I know!
I always think, "What the heck dad? Can I stick my finger in your mouth???"
Anyway, he did. 
And guess what he found?!!!


I was going to try and keep it a secret.
That didn't last too did it?
It popped through today, and daddy already found it!!!

With this new tooth, I feel like I can conquer the world...
at least the world of food.
Maybe next time mom gives me a quarter of a grape...I'll be able to eat it!
Ooo, she'd like that. =D
Anyway, I sure am excited for the whole new world of foods I can eat 
Now that I have a tooth!
Oh and it is my bottom front tooth!

Onto the actual PLANNED celebration for today.
So because I GRADUATED from my helmet, 
we thought it would be fun to pass it on to a new buddy of mine.

Here is my journey at 

1) I had to decide between Happy Hugs Teddy (on the left) and Peanut Butter Cub (on the right).
I chose Happy Hugs Teddy. 
2) Time to go diving in and pick out my very own Happy Hugs Teddy!
Hmmm...which one, which one?
I Choose...THIS ONE!
3) Then it was time to stuff it...EXTRA soft please.
The nice lady even let me SIT on the stuffing was so fun! 
It felt funny on my bum and sounded like mommy's vacuum. 
4) Then I got to pick out my bear's heart and stuff it into him, bringing him to life!
 5) Next up...Bath Time! 
The tub was too high for me to wash him I just let mommy do it. 
 But I kept a close eye on her to make sure she got him real good. 
6) Then we headed to the Dressing Room.
First the BYU jersey.
Then the football cleats.
Here is the other cleat mommy...I have it!
 Checking out my new friend...we are gonna be great buddies.
 At first I was a little hesitant...and to why this little furry fellow had on MY helmet.
 But then I warmed up to him.
  He even made me laugh!
Aw shucks, he is pretty funny. 
7) Next up was creating his very own "Beary Limited Edition Birth Certificate".
..or in other words, I got to name him! 
I thought it was very pertinent to give him my nickname: 
 8) So we boxed Cobear up inside his little house...and away we went.
THANK YOU Build-A-Bear Workshop for giving me my very own buddy, Cobear Cubby. 
   This is Cohen and Cobear,
  Keepin it round all 'round the town.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last Night

Well guys, last night was the last night I got to sleep in my helmet.
Crazy I know. 
These last 9 weeks or so flew by
I am going to miss my sweet BYU helmet
+It's been a good protection against the bumps and the falls I take,
not to mention I like to plow other babies over with it! 
+It has been my secret weapon.
+It has been my warmth at all the football games and soccer games 
(Go Lady Cougars tonight at the second round of the play-offs! You bet we will be there!!)
+But most of all, it has been my attention getter. I love all the looks and smiles and comments I have gotten. I have been able to brighten other people's days, I have been able to bring comfort and inspiration to other  babies needing helmets, too. 
All in all, I'd say it has been a good round and I am so thankful this Thanksgiving season that I was blessed enough to wear the helmet to round out my head. 

Might I add though, I am so anxious to have my head back so mommy and daddy can give me little kisses easier. Mom kisses my cheeks
...and that always makes me giggle and blush...
but I CAN'T wait for her to be able to kiss my forehead. 
OH, OH...
I also can't wait for mommy and daddy to STYLE MY HAIR! 
Because friends, I DO HAVE lotsa hair now! 

Well, until 4:30 today....
This is Cohen, 
  Keepin it round all 'round the town.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Stretch

We are on the HOME STRETCH... 
+for my helmet wearing days and
+for the Giants.
Tonight is game 1 for the Giants in the World Series! 
Woot Woot! Two Thumbs Up!

That's right. 

I have 3 weeks left in my helmet.
weeks and I'm out of the ol' helmet!
strikes and the Tigers are out of the ol' ball game!
Woot Woot! Two Thumbs Up!

Let the countdown begin.
The end is in sight and boy does it look and feel good!
Woot Woot! Two Thumbs Up!

So...I went in for another helmet check up today.
The doc took some measurements and
  made a few adjustments to my helmet.
He then told me the GOOD news: I am down to a 4!!!!
Woot Woot! Two Thumbs Up!

Remember I started out at an 11...
well now the difference of my diagonals are down to a 4! 
We are right on schedule, 
if not ahead of schedule!
Woot Woot! Two Thumbs Up!

But remember, a 3 is our goal. 
So even though I am like only 1 little millimeter away from our goal, 
I am going to wear my helmet for another 3 weeks.
By then the doc says I will be well under 3mm. 
Like a 2 or better!
Woot Woot! Two Thumbs Up!
Now, I can do this because when he measured my circumference
he said I still have 8mm of growth left in my helmet. 
The last time I went in--3 weeks ago--my circumference grew 4mm.
Even IF it grew THAT much in these next 3 weeks (which usually it slows as I get older), 
I would STILL have 4mm to spare. 
So I am safe and good and on the HOME STRETCH!
Woot Woot! Two Thumbs Up!

Now Take Me To The Ball Game!
This is Cohen, 
  Keepin it round all 'round the town.

Halloween Came Early

Saturday we celebrated my FIRST Halloween
Yes Saturday was the 20th, so my Halloween technically came 11 days early...but you know what? I never even knew the difference! And mom keeps saying how relieved her and Auntie Kayla feel about having that fun party done and over with. The rest of the world is worrying about cute and scary costumes, decorations, treats and whatnot, but not us! We ALREADY did it. 
So we met up with my aunties and uncles and cousin Kyson and Peter! 
What a DAY it turned out to be. 
From Corn Mazes
to Slides
to Badminton
to Spooky Nummy Foods
to Pumpkin Carvings 
and Scary Movies
No wonder by the end I was POOPED!

We've got Captain America & Super-Mom, 
BYU Football Player, Referee, Cheerleader, 
Prince, Princess & the Frog, 
Wendy and Peter Pan.
 Cohen is in position.
The Heisman.  
Cohen with the Stiff Arm!
The flag was thrown. Let's see that in slow motion instant replay!
The Cousin Train.
"Hey, why you guys standing...didn't you know there is cool stuff down here?"
Love my boys.
Watching the badminton tournament. 
He is not quite sure if that hit was in our out? Too close to call. 
Cohen asked for ONE MORE picture. 
Of course I obliged. 
And OF COURSE it was so he could get his tongue in it. 
Silly boy. 
My Blood Shot Eye Cake and a Pumpkin Cake. 
The Spooktacular Spread: Mummies in a Blanket, Pumpkin Stew and more!
(Compliments of Kayla!)
Back to watching the tourney of Badminton!
Cohen took a hit to the face VERY unexpectedly from Kyson with a badminton racquet! 
Cohen COULD NOT believe it. Jaw is dropped in utter shock. 
Cohen accepting Kyson's apology. 
Showing us how tough he looks now with his battle wound.


Cohen going at it.
(Okay...I just had to try this one!)
We gave him a moment to recollect himself. 
And...there's our happy boy!
Ditched the lil' Tiger suite (that was mine and my siblings when we were babies)!
An all-around MUCH happier boy now (the suite was a little snug on him).
All of our work!
Kent's Creepy Man (though only 1/2 finished), our Y, Lyska's Spooky Face, Ki and Jaynie's Suzuki Symbol, Jared's Funny Face, and Kayla's Jack Skellington.  
One tired out boy. 
This is Cohen, 
  Keepin it round all 'round the town.